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Hyaluronic Acid Rose Aloe Chamomile Powder Facial Masks Anti-Aging Firming Face Repair Mask Soft Water Gel Mask Facial Skin Care

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20g Hyaluronic Acid Rose Aloe Chamomile Powder Facial Masks Wrinkles Removal Anti-Aging Lighten Tone Nourishing Beauty Skincare

🌟 Features:
- Wrinkles Removal: These masks effectively combat wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging, resulting in smoother and younger-looking skin.
- Anti-Aging Formula: The masks offer a natural and gentle anti-aging solution, restoring your skin's vitality.
- Radiant Skin: With consistent use, they help brighten your complexion, leaving your skin more radiant and refreshed.

How to use

◆Step 1
Take 15g of mask powder and pour it into a bowl.
◆Step 2
Pour in 1:1 of make-up or pure water.
◆Step 3
Stir quickly to form a gel.

Are you troubled by these problems?

◆Traditional mask cream
Can not meet all face shapes, not easy to fit, can not firmly lock the essence.
◆Moisturizing soft film powder
Any face shape can be covered evenly, close fit without gaps, the whole piece comes off without washing.
◆Mud mask
Inconvenient to wash, easy to dry without moisture, difficult for essence to enter.

◆Repair your skin, reduce wrinkles and blemishes, and have your beautiful skin. Use of various natural materials; Good effect on reducing and fading fine lines; Hyaluronic acid and starch, sodium alginate make it absorb dirt and clean deeply.

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