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High frequency facial machine, Facial Machine, For acne skin care products

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Color: AU Plug

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Package Contents
1 × Electrotherapy Handle (with optional plug type: US, EU, UK, AU)
4 × Glass Tubes
1 × English Instruction Manual
(The default language for the manual is English; please contact the seller if you require a different language)

Usage and Care

How To Use:

1. Choose 1 of the glass electrode tubes and mount it on the handle.
2. Turn on the power supply and the switch.
3. Touch the glass electrode with your hand to determine the power and adjust accordingly.
4. Massage your face or scalp with the tip of the electrode.
After treatment, please adjust the intensity back to "0".
Make sure that the machine is turned off and remove the glass tube from the handle.
Indirect Method: Suitable for dry skin and older skin.
• Attach the glass tube to the handle.

• Brush the glass tube with a little talcum powder, then turn on the machine.

• Massage on face from neck to chin and from eyes to forehead.

Direct Method: Suitable for oily or greasy skin
Use oil-balancing cream on the face first and then attach your chosen electrode and turn on the machine.
Massage face in a "Z" or helix pattern. Do the treatment as follows: forehead, nose, right side of the face, chin, left side of
the face, nose and then forehead.

Spark Method: Suitable for wounds, sore points and inflammation.
Cover your eyes with a wet cloth and touch the glass tube to the area of irritation for no more than 10 seconds.
It is normal for sparks to appear when the glass tube touches your face.

Hair-Care Method: Suitable for stimulating the scalp, reducing folliculitis and improving healthy hair growth.
Use the comb tube and brush in the hair's natural growing direction.
Use with a pilatory oil for the best effect.

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