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Blackhead Remover, prefect cleanser skin care

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Material: PC+ABS

Color: white

Battery capacity: 14500 lithium battery 500mAh

Rated power: 1.5W-4.0W

Charging power: 5V/300MA

Charging method: USB/Micro

Gear: 9th gear


1. Using electro-ionic carbonization technology to physically remove moles and spots, it is safe, painless and has no side effects, leaving your skin smooth and clean.

2. Nine-step adjustment can effectively remove moles and spots of various sizes, with a wider application range, and meet various skin cleaning requirements.

3. Quickly and safely remove moles, spots, warts, fat granules, tattoos, granulation, etc., without leaving scars, skin injuries and bleeding.

4. The blue light mode can help the needle to locate, so that you can accurately locate moles and spots even in a dim environment.

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