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2-1PC Blackhead Remover Face Mask Cream Oil-

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2-1PC Blackhead Remover Face Mask Cream Oil-Control Nose Black Dots Mask Acne Deep Cleansing Beauty Cosmetics Women Skin Care

Net content: 20g
Ingredients: water, toner, hyaluronic acid, potassium, diglycyrrhizic acid, carbomer, triethanolamine, tocopherol (vitamin E), etc.
Size: 12*3cm
Shelf life: 3 years
Efficacy: oil control, exfoliating, other effects, moisturizing, blackheads, moisturizing
quantity: 1/2pcs


Small molecular carbon powder, releases magnetic adsorption force, floats away excess impurities and dirt from the nose, removes blackheads and radiates clean and tender skin~
Eliminate blackheads, acne and oily skin. A deep cleansing mask can remove surface cells and bacteria, while vitamins and plant extracts can soften the skin and restore youthful radiance

how to use:
1. Dry the cleaned area and widen the mask in the desired area (avoid eyebrows, eyes and lips).
2. Peel the skin after 20-30 minutes.
3. For best results, use toner to tighten and clean pores thoroughly.

Package contains:

1 *20g blackhead nasal mask 

or 2 *20g blackhead nasal mask 

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