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1 Pcs Fashion Mild Formula 5 Minutues Instant Hair Dye Ginger Extracts White Hair into Black Hair Shampoo Easy to Use Hair Care

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Color: Chocolate

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Product information

Color:shown as picture
Net content:32ml
Applicable: adult, teen, child, grey and white hair
Efficacy: Black Hair Shampoo make
hair become colorful immediately, does not color the scalp, always clear water, easy to use


1. Plant formula
2. Clean the scalp
3. Simple and fast
4. Gentle
5. Custody
6. Smells relaxed
7. Only effective for hair, effective for scalp
8. It is generally recommended to use 5 packs for men's short hair, 10 packs for women's short hair, 15 packs for medium hair (and shoulder hair), and 20 packs for chest length hair.

How To Use

1. Wet hair
2. Wear disposable gloves
3. Make Hair Shampoo Applied to Your Hair
4. Knead for 15 minutes, wait for about 15 minutes
5. Clean hair and dry hair
6. Observe the coloring, and then rinse with water.
7. Repeat the coloring for the bad coloring areas .

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