Repertory Workshop

Deborah Zall will present a creative and performance workshop centered around two works in her film Three Dances; Lamentation choreographed by Martha Graham, and Kaddish by Anna Sokolow.

This workshop has been structured for periods of one, three, or five days, but may be altered to suit any schedule.

LamentationOne Day Workshop

Deborah Zall will perform Martha Graham’s classic work Lamentation, and the film Three Dances will be shown. After the viewing Miss Zall will discuss the history of each work, and relate her experiences working on the dances. The differences in performing for film and stage will be discussed. A question and answer forum will forum.

Three Day Workshop

Begins with the events described in the One Day Workshop. The film Three Dances will be shown again. Students will then start learning one of the solos. There will be a discussion of solo work and the process of bringing a classic modern dance work to life, emphasizing the need to make the solo one’s own. Individualized coaching will take place. At the end of the three days, a performance by the students will take place as well as a critique by Miss Zall. Students will also be encouraged to give feedback to other students, and discuss their experience in performing the solo.

Five Day Workshop

Begins with the events described in the One Day and Three Day Workshops. Having the experience of performing a solo by a master choreographer, the students will now explore the creative process by choreographing their own works based on the themes and motifs put forth in Three Dances. During this time, Miss Zall will give individual attention to each student. At the end of this process, there will be a performance of these newly created solos. The session wraps up with a discussion about the entire workshop.

Master Class Attachment

This class held in conjuction to the workshops will give students an introduction to the Graham technique. This class is most useful when combined with the Five Day Workshop.